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SAP ERP (w. ORACLE) Installation on Debian

NB! This HOWTO should be taken on principle “as is” – I will update it as I will encounter any new problems or knowhow’s. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL HOWTO nor a installation manual)

Installation SW used:

Debian 6.0 for X86_64  – Squeeze (unstable)

SAP SW from

  • SAP ERP 6.0 SR3 installation Export (51033500_1 – 51033500_6)
  • SAP ERP 6.0 SR3 components (51033525)
  • BS2005 SR3 Installation Master Linux on x86_64 64bit (51038621_8)
  • BS 2005 SR3 Java Components (51033526)
  • Oracle 10.2 Client (51033272)
  • NW 7.0 SR3 SP14 Java based SW Comp. (51033513_1 – 51033513_4)
  • NW 7.0 SR3 Inst. Mst. Linux x86_64 64bit f. Oracle 10.2/11.2 (51040125_7)
  • NW 7.0 SR3 UC-Kernel 7.00 Linux on x86_64 64bit (51033508_9)
  • ORACLE RDBMS LINUX x86_64 (51040095_1 – 51040095_6)
  • SAP Cryptographic Library Linux for X86_64 (AMD64) (90000115.CAR)
  • SAP Solution M. 7.0 Inst. Export (51033518_1 – 51033518_6)
  • SAP Solution M. 7.0 SR4 Java Comp. (51033521_1 – 51033521_4)

For unpacking those packages UNZIP would be required – however if you are as lazy as me – wanting to use craphical extractor for .exe files, then “wine” is needed.

ADD. SW for SAP Installer

Debian conf.

Debian has been installed on testserver with GUI and configured to use RAID5 for 4 –  300 GB disks and act as a web server with X.

As Debian is unsupported for SAP installation, I have searched the interwebz for a solution. Following know-how’s have I found to do pre-installation of SAP.

Some howto’s from:


For reasons unknown the installation of SAP ERP 7.0 does not interract wery well with ORACLE 11.2 – Does give correct directions and instructions how to complete – but when ORACLE 11.2 is installed – does not recognize it.

So trying with 10g again…

UPDATE: Sadly my current SAP installer used – does not find nor link ORACLE 11g (No errors on Installing 11g tho…)- When i used 10g with little help of “Oracle 10g on Debian 64bit (32 bit as well)” – ORACLE installation was success. Please note that current SAP installer, used by me – needs higher ORACLE patch!

Installation steps:

  1. Select system
  2. Enter java Packet location (for me it was 51033513)
  3. Enter Java JDK location (for me: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/)
  4. Enter JCE location (for Java JDK 6 ->
  5. System parameters (SAPSID)
  6. Default password for all users (When using typical install option)
  7. Database parameters (DBSID)
  8. Errormessage that Debian is unsupported (Hit “Cancel” to continue – also if some parameters need fixing, fix them before. 1st option – Debian – can be ignored)
  9. Media browser SW Package check (51033500 1st folder)
  10. – || –  (51033500 2nd folder)
  11. DB system default config
  12. Path to oracle package (For 11.2 -> 51040095 / for 10.2 -> 51031676)
  13. UC Kernel path (51033508_9)
  14. Path Oracle 10.2 Client (51033272)
  15. Path to Sapcrypto SAR (90000115.CAR)
  16. SLD configuration (For testserver it was “local”)
  17. (For ERP installation) SOLMAN Key

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