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iDOC and ;umlaut characters


As clients are situated in Estonia, many use Estonian language as default in SAP environment.
In past versions this was not an issue but in version ERP 6.0 EHP 5 we encountered an issue where Ü,Õ,Ö,Ä transferred to UE,AE,OE and so on…
It seemed that there is no solution to our problem and even SAP investigated over two months… However – solution was quite simple:

  1. You need to activate exit_sapliedp_401 using transaction CMOD and set the flag X_NO_REPLACE to ‘X‘ to keep the Estonian characters (might apply for other – eg. Russian and Chinese aswell…) in the text fields of the IDOCs.

NB! If however abowe step did not help, then:
In our case there was need to -> activate in enhancement FEDI0003 from transaction SMOD small thing called EXIT_SAPLIEDP_401. After that those worked like a charm.

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