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Note 129950 – Required Customizing for use of SAP connect

Note 957412 – Troubleshooting automatic email transmission in SAP Solution

Set-Up SAPconnect


E-mails sent from an SAP application are first sent to a queue. The queued e-mails are subsequently sent by a periodic background job.
Therefore, for automatic e-mailing you need to:
u2022 set up SAPconnect
u2022 set up a periodic job for SAPconnect
This IMG activity is a prerequisite for the following scenarios:
u2022 Testing
u2022 Monitoring


Setup SAPConnect
1. In transaction SAPconnect: Administration (SCOT) choose View -> System status.
2. Choose Settings -> Default Domain.
3. Specify your default domain and confirm. For example, “”.
4. In the Administration screen, double-click the SMTP node.
5. Check the box “node in use”.
6. Specify the mail host for SMTP. For example, “”.
7. Specify a mail port. The default port is 25.
8. Choose “Set” (for “Internet”).
9. Enter an asterisk (*) for “address area”.
10. Choose Continue.

Schedule the periodic background job to send queued e-mails
11. Call transaction SCOT.
12. Choose View – Jobs.
The SAPconnect Job Administration screen is displayed.
13. Choose Job – Create.
A dialog box is displayed.
14. Specify a job name.
15. Confirm.
16. In the next window, select the variant SAP&CONNECTALL.
17. Choose Schedule job.
18. Choose Schedule Periodically.
A dialog box is displayed.
19. Specify a time period.
For example, 10 minutes.
20. Choose Create.

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