Linux / Windows – what’s the difference…


Some good links:
Secunia online vulnerability scanner
Ninite Programs installer/updater

Internet speedtest
TeamViewer Quicksupport

Nb! Allways before doing anything remember few golden rules:

  1. Have you tried to turn it off and on again
  2. Have you tried an unexpected reboot
  3. Backup, backup, backup, backup
  4. RTFM – Read the fantastic manual before anything
  5. Have you googled it?

Some prices that you can donate to me for my web-server up-keeping (for my services):
(Donating is voluntary)

– cleaning malware from website 25 – 45€/h
– security scan/advices for website(s) 25 – 45€/h
– popular CMS user account password change 15 – 45€/user
(NB! Proof of ownership of website/account is needed prior!)
– PHP coding work 25 – 80€/h (all depends from what is needed exactly!)

Windows XP/Vista/7 install (With/From Orig. CD/DVD and license) 25€
Windows XP/Vista/7 install/upgrade with data keep (With/From Orig. CD/DVD and license) 35€
Microsoft Office or OpenOffice´i install 5€
Launguage pack install for M$ Windows OS (Rus, Eng, Est, Fin) 5€
Linux install (Ubuntu – or other free versions) 20€
Disposal of viruses and crapware from PC 20€
General computer maintenance with virus and crapware removal 30€
Multimedia codecs install or replacing default player with good one 5€
WIFI router conf 15€
Remote support 15-45€/h
Other consultation work 18-45€/h

Hardware services:
Cleaning desktop PC HW 35€
Cleaning laptop PC HW N/A (as I have seen many interesting/odd things during some years of providing that service – I will no longer provide such service!)
Cleaning laptop PC after exposure to fluids: N/A (as I have seen many interesting/odd things during some years of providing that service – I will no longer provide such service!)
NB! Keyboards and accessories are not part of cleaning agreement! If you want me to clean your keyboard – I’ll ask for 100€ just for looking it 🙂 (Cheaper to buy new one!)

Data restore and backups:
Data backup to CD or DVD 25€ each
Data backup to external (Your) HD 25€ upwards per HD
Trying to restore deleted/lost data 4Gb = 45€
Removing Windows or Linux user or admin password 30€ per account
(Proof of ownership of that HW and account is needed!)
SW restore of data of broken HD 25 – 500€ per broken HD

Other services:
When I need to plug in Your computer or suggest you do that 50€
(When complaining that computer won’t work)
When I need to plug in any other cables 50€
(Many stupid requests to help people with HW problems who have not realized to check cables themselves)
Repairing PC after you have tried to repair it +50€ to original price
Repairing PC with your guidance on site +100€ to original price